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How to Apply Vinyl Decals

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Few things in life have to be done perfectly the first time, but applying your custom decal is definitely one of them. To get a long-lasting, high-quality installation on your decal, follow the steps below...all of them...don't skip or skimp, and you'll enjoy your vinyl decal for a long time to come.

What comes in your decal pack:

-Your custom decal

-Transfer tape

-Alcohol wipe

Additional items you'll need:

-Credit Card or burnishing tool

Step 1:

Clean your surface with the alcohol wipe to remove any oils or slickness from the surface where you are going to apply your decal.

Step 2:

Remove the backing from your transfer tape.

Step 3:

Lay the transfer sheet on top of your decal and rub the surface with your credit card or burnishing tool to adhere the decal.

Step 4:

Slowly peel the backing off the decal so that it is stuck only to the transfer tape.

Step 5:

Affix your decal in its permanent position on your surface and rub it down with the credit card or burnishing tool. Rub over it with your finger to ensure there are no bubbles and all surfaces have been fully adhered.

Step 6:

Gently peel away the transfer tape and enjoy your amazing decal!

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